Some Notes for Burleigh College Students to download.
Please note you will need Finale Notepad From Coda Music and Microsoft Word to view these documents

Some of these tutorials are now backed up with sound files. Click here for these
The Ash Grove
The Living Years
9th May 2011
Bourree (Handel) with guitar TAB
Bourree (Handel) - no guitar TAB
Lord Of The Dance
Strumming Patterns
The Camp Fire Song (Bear's A Star)
The Periodic Table Of The Elements
Guitar Plus 2010 Course Manual (Web Page)
Guitar Plus 2010 Course Manual (Word Document)
Beginners' Course Manual
Jerry's Breakdown
12 Bar Blues Simple
12 Bar Blues Coda Music File
Article about Altered Tunings
Apache Coda File
A Spanish Moment Coda Music File
Bar Chords Word Document
Eastenders Theme
Everybody Hurts
Moonlight Rock
Summer Of 69 Coda Music File
The Circle of 4ths and 5ths
The Notes On The Stave
Yakety Axe Coda Music File
Whistle For The Choir
2-Octave Moveable Guitar Scales
Introduction to Modal Scales
2 Octave E Blues Scale
Walk Away Renee
Basic Guitar Chords
2 Octave A Major Scale (Moveable)
Walk Away Renee
The Last Time
In My Arms
Yellow Submarine
Won't Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again Tutorial
Rhythm Playing Study 1
Sultans of Swing
Martha's Harbour
The First Nowell
Wicked Game
Wicked Game (Lead Guitar Intro)
3 Lions (Football's Coming Home) - simplified
When The Boat Comes In
The Ash Grove
The Way In Which Chords Are Named
Hotel California
The Ten Penny Bit
Chord progressions using Barre Chords
I Hung My Head
Chords up to Grade 8 RGT
Let Your Love Flow
The Fairytale Of New York
Long Train Running
Tequila Sunrise
Redemption Song
Mrs Robinson
Time Of Your Life
Streets Of London
Stand By Me
Santana - Smooth
Lord Of The Dance
Country Mood
1, 4, 5 Chord Progressions
Unwell - Matchbox 20
Stevie's Blues
Bird Dog
One Octave C and G Major Scales
I Have A Dream
Hey Joe
Morning Has Broken
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
More About Modal Scales
Broken Strings
I Believe In Father Christmas
3 Lions (Football's Coming Home)